The Korean American Bar Association of Washington (KABA) has a mission to serve the Korean, Korean American and legal communities as a resource and a proponent of the interests, causes and issues that are important for these communities.  KABA provides opportunities for its members to grow and contribute to KABA's mission through leadership, education, collaboration, networking, professional development and community service. 


KABA Pro Bono Legal Clinic

KABA was founded with the purpose of serving the community. KABA members continue this community service legacy by volunteering legal services at the Korean Community Service Center and at various events. 

Joint Asian Judicial Evaluations Committee (JAJEC)

KABA is a charter member of the JAJEC and served as JAJEC Chair in 2007 and 2012. KABA members who participate in this committee evaluate candidates for Washington judicial positions. A minimum of three years of practice is required to serve on JAJEC. Please visit the JAJEC page for more information. 

KABA Mentorship and Scholarship Programs

KABA invests in the future of the legal community by maintaining close relationships with local law schools by supporting student associations and inviting student liaisons to sit with the Board of Directors. KABA seeks to match law students to practitioners in its Mentorship Program and annually awards scholarships through its Scholarship Program to law students who demonstrate a commitment to KABA's mission.

KABA Membership Benefits

KABA keeps its members apprised of issues affecting the Korean-American community by providing opportunities for members to attend free CLE seminars. Members can also connect at various networking and social events, including the Annual Banquet. Members also receive job opportunities and updates on legal, professional and community events.

Promoting Diversity in the Legal Community

KABA is a strong supporter of diversity throughout our legal community and works closely with other specialty bar organizations to promote diversity initiatives on a statewide level.

Collaborating with the Greater Korean American Community

KABA is a strong proponent of its sister organizations to build, support, and grow the Korean American professional community. KABA regularly collaborates with the local chapters of the following groups to provide resources and host various professional, networking and social events: