Joint Asian Judicial Evaluations Committee

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Joint Asian Judicial Evaluations Committee

KABA is a proud member of the Washington State Joint Asian Judicial Evaluations Committee (JAJEC). Created in July 2006, the JAJEC includes members from KABA, the Asian Bar Association of Washington, the South Asian Bar Association, and the Vietnamese American Bar Association. Click here to read the JAJEC bylaws.

The JAJEC was created in part to ensure that judicial candidates are aware of and consider the issues important to the Asian Specialty Bars. All of our ratings are available to the public to educate voters of those candidates who meet the qualifications to serve on the judiciary as defined by the Asian Specialty Bars.

We evaluate individuals seeking either appointment or election to judicial office. We evaluate candidates for a variety of judicial positions, including: municipal and district courts, superior courts, superior court commissioner seats, courts of appeals, and the Washington Supreme Court.

We do NOT endorse candidates for judicial office. Rather, we evaluate candidates by providing the public with our ratings. Candidates may be rated as follows:

A candidate may be rated exceptionally well qualified (EWQ), well qualified (WQ), qualified (Q), or not qualified (NQ) based on various factors including his or her integrity, fairness, legal ability, and demonstrated commitment to equal justice. The JEC chair notifies the Applicant of the rating within two days by phone or mail. This rating is valid for three years and ratings for candidates actively seeking positions are posted on this website. Although a rating is made public, all information disclosed by the Applicant or the Applicant’s references and all discussions of the Committee are kept confidential.

JAJEC Bylaws

How to Obtain a JAJEC Rating


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Camara Banfield Clark County Superior CourtWQ2014/07/21
Robert Simeone Stevens/Pend Orielle/Ferry Counties Superior CourtWQ 2014/07/21
David Turplesmith Stevens/Pend Orielle/Ferry Counties Superior CourtWQ 2014/07/21
J.R. Yoseph Clark County Superior CourtWQ 2014/07/21
Alan Hancock Washington State Supreme CourtEWQ 2014/08/18
Kathryn Keaton Washington State Supreme CourtQ 2014/08/18
Louis Byrd Clark County Superior CourtQ 2014/08/18
Matthew Enzler Stevens/Pend Orielle/Ferry Counties Superior CourtQ 2014/08/18
John McCarthy Washington State Supreme Court EWQ 2014/09/15
Patrick Monasmith Stevens/Pend Orielle/Ferry Counties Superior CourtWQ 2014/09/15
John W. Ladenburg, Sr. Washington State Supreme CourtWQ2014/09/15
Andra Blondin Cowlitz County Superior CourtQ 2014/09/15
Bryan Chushcoff Washington State Supreme CourtEWQ 2014/09/15
Henry Rawson Okanogan County Superior CourtWQ 2014/10/18
James Denison, Jr. Kittitas County Superior Court WQ 2014/10/18
Christopher Culp Okanogan County Superior CourtEWQ 2014/10/18
Gayle Harthcock Yakima County Superior CourtWQ 2014/10/18
Peter Camp Snohomish County Superior CourtWQ 2014/11/17
Loren Corrigan Snohomish County Superior CourtEWQ 2014/11/17
Marybeth Dingledy Snohomish County Superior CourtWQ 2014/11/17
Linda Passey Snohomish County Superior CourtWQ 2014/11/17
Kari Petrasek Snohomish County Superior Court Q2014/11/17
Janice Ellis Snohomish County Superior CourtEWQ 2014/12/15
Millie Judge Snohomish County Superior CourtWQ 2014/12/15
Virginia Leeper Snohomish County Superior CourtQ 2014/12/15
Lori Kay Smith King County Superior CourtEWQ 2014/12/15
William Bowman King County Superior CourtEWQ2014/12/15
Kathryn Battuello King County Superior Court WQ 2015/02/02
Judith Ramseyer King County Superior CourtEWQ2015/02/02
Roger Davidheiser King County Superior CourtEWQ2015/02/02
Kimberly Allen King County Superior CourtWQ2015/02/17
James Dixon Thurston County Superior CourtEWQ2015/02/17
Victor Minjares Thurston County Superior CourtWQ2015/02/17
Indu Thomas Thurston County Superior CourtQ 2015/02/17
Steve Dixon Kitsap County Superior CourtEWQ 2015/03/15
Jennifer Forbes Kitsap County Superior CourtEWQ 2015/03/15
Kevin Hull Kitsap County Superior CourtEWQ 2015/03/15
Allen T. Miller Thurston County Superior CourtQ 2015/03/15
Ken Schubert King County Superior CourtWQ 2015/03/15
Ann Danieli King County Municipal CourtEWQ 2015/04/27
Ann Danieli King County District Court EWQ 2015/04/27
Ann Danieli King County Superior CourtWQ 2015/04/27
Shaya CalvoKing County District Court EWQ 2015/04/27
Elizabeth Berns King County Superior CourtWQ 2015/05/18
Karen Klein Kitsap County Superior CourtWQ2015/05/18
Mary Lynch King County District Court WQ 2015/05/18
Diane Russell Kitsap County Superior CourtWQ 2015/05/18
Damon Shadid King County District Court Q 2015/05/18
Sheryl McCloud Washington Supreme CourtWQ 2015/06/28
Sheryl McCloud Washington Court of AppealsWQ 2015/06/28
Sean O’Donnell King County Superior CourtWQ 2015/06/28
Marilyn Paja Kitsap County Superior CourtWQ 2015/06/28
Hong Tran King County Superior CourtQ 2015/06/28
William HouserKing County Superior CourtWQ2015/07/19
Gary ErnsdorffKing County Superior CourtEWQ2015/07/19
Stanley RumbaughPierce County Superior CourtWQ2015/07/19
Eric SchmidtKing County Superior CourtWQ2015/08/17
Pamela LoginskyWashington State Court of AppealsWQ2015/08/17
Michael TrickeyWashington State Court of AppealsEWQ2015/08/17
Leonard FeldmanWashington State Court of AppealsEWQ2015/09/21
Christopher WashingtonKing County Superior CourtWQ2015/09/21
James VerellenWashington State Court of AppealsEWQ2015/09/21
Samuel ChungKing County Superior CourtWQ2015/11/16
John L O'Brien King County District CourtEWQ2015/11/16
James WhismanWashington State Court of Appeals, Division IEWQ2015/11/16
James LobsenzWashington State Court of Appeals, Division IEWQ2015/11/16
Rick LeoKing County District CourtWQ2015/12/20
Larry MitchellKing County District CourtWQ2015/12/20
Kara MurphyKing County District CourtEWQ2015/12/20
Lisa O'TooleKing County District CourtWQ2015/12/20
Calvin RapadaKing County Superior Court/King County District CourtWQ2016/01/18
Margarita LatsinovaCourt of Appeals, Division OneWQ2016/01/18
Ketu ShahKing County District CourtEWQ2016/01/18
Iva ClarkKing County District CourtQ2016/01/18
Eddie AubreyKing County District CourtWithdrawn Before Rated
Steven KimKing County District CourtWithdrawn Before Rated
Shaya CalvoKing County District CourtWQ2016/03/25
Tomas GahanKing County District CourtWQ2016/03/25
Julia GarrattKing County District CourtEWQ2016/03/25
Marc StencheverKing County District CourtQ2016/03/25
Aaron Chad AllredKing County District CourtWQ2016/03/25
Susan AminiKing County District CourtWQ2016/03/25
Alexander EkstromBenton & Franklin County Superior CourtEWQ2016/03/25
Salvador MendozaBenton & Franklin County Superior CourtEWQ2016/03/25
Rebeccah GrahamKing County Superior CourtEWQ2016/04/18
Eart SutherlandKing County Superior CourtWQ2016/04/18
Michael SimonKing County Superior CourtWQ2016/05/18
Bradley MaxaCourt of Appeals, Division IIEWQ2016/05/17
Linda LeeCourt of Appeals, Division IIEWQ2016/05/17
George FearingCourt of Appeals, Division IIWQ2016/05/17
Terry BloorCourt of Appeals, Division IIWQ2016/05/17
Steven KimKing County Superior CourtWQ2016/06/21
Brian TollefsonCourt of Appeals, Division IIEWQ2016/06/21
Robert MitchellCourt of Appeals, Division I & WA Supreme CourtWQ2016/06/21
Karen KleinKing County Superior Court WQ2016/06/21
Sumeer SinglaKing County Superior CourtWithdrawn Before Rated
Tanya ThorpKing County Superior CourtWithdrawn Before Rated
John ChunKing County Superior CourtWQ2016/07/22
Roger RogoffKing County Superior CourtWQ2016/08/19
Stephen BrownGrays Harbor County Superior CourtWQ2016/05/17
Veronica Alicea-GalvanDes Moines Municipal Court EWQ2016/05/17
Tanya ThorpKing County Superior CourtWQ2016/05/17
Michael McCarthyWashington State Court of Appeals, Division III, District 3WQ2017/01/20
Richard MelnickWashington State Court of AppealsEWQ2017/01/20
Robert Lawrence-BerryWashington State Court of Appeals, Division III, District 3WQ2017/01/20
Joshua SchaerKing County District Court
King County Superior Court
Tamara HanlonYakima County Superior CourtWQ2017/02/24
John HaysWA Court of Appeals, Division II, District 3Withdrawn Before Rated2017/02/27
Mark MuensterWA Court of Appeals, Division II, District 3Withdrawn Before Rated2017/02/27
Tracy FloodKitsap County Superior Court

Kitsap County District Court
Rating Withdrawn at Candidate's Request

Insufficient Information to Rate

Johanna BenderKing County District Court
King County Superior Court
Michael SchwartzPierce County Superior CourtEWQ2017/03/24
Sarah L. LeePierce County Superior CourtWQ2017/03/24
Allen BentleyWA Supreme CourtQ2017/04/18
George FearingWA Supreme CourtWQ2017/04/18
Michael PriceWA Supreme CourtEWQ2017/04/18
Michele G. RadosevichWA Supreme CourtWQ2017/04/18
Douglas RoachWA Supreme CourtQ2017/04/18
T.W. "Chip" SmallWA Supreme CourtEWQ2017/04/18
Mary YuWA Supreme Court EWQ2017/04/18
David B. ZuckermanWA Supreme CourtQ2017/04/18
John Hill IIIPierce County Superior CourtWQ2017/04/26
Dominque L. JinhongPierce County Superior CourtEWQ2017/04/16
John R. RuhlKing County Superior CourtEWQ2017/04/26
Andrea DarvasWA Court of Appeals, Division IEWQ2017/05/20
Eric NewmanKing County Superior CourtQ2017/05/20
Michael FinkleKing County District CourtEWQ2017/05/20
Michael FinkleKing County Superior CourtEWQ2017/05/20
Lisa DublinWA Court of Appeals, Division I, District IQ2017/05/20
David RuzumnaKing County Superior CourtQ2017/06/23
Lisa L. SuttonWA Court of Appeals, Division II, District 2EWQ2017/06/23
Damon G. ShadidSeattle Municipal Court Position 7WQ2017/06/23