Marchex – Corporate (In-House) Counsel Position

Corporate (In-House) Counsel

How you can impact Marchex, and your customers:

Marchex’s ability to sustain high growth at scale is dependent upon its ability to mitigate risks. As a member of the Corporate Counsel team, you will be in one of the most important risk management roles at Marchex.  You will sit at the nexus between litigation and the business, helping to ensure proper internal coordination and communication, and effective cost expenditures.  As a key member of our small, highly efficient legal team you will need to be excited to wear a number of hats beyond litigation, too, including being able to draft and negotiate contracts as well as to support sales and marketing initiatives.

How the In-House Counsel team impacts Marchex:

We provide critical business input to all of our cross-functional teams, which allows Marchex and our customers to achieve desired business objectives.  Whether we are drafting and negotiating agreements, deals and transactions, supporting sales and marketing initiatives, or protecting and enhancing Marchex’s intellectual property, we are instrumental in helping the company navigate its toughest challenges successfully.

Fun stuff about us:

  • Our team is on the front lines of cutting edge data, privacy and telecommunications issues created by the massive shift of people away from PCs and to mobile phones
  • We have completed almost a dozen mergers & acquisitions
  • We don’t like suits and aren’t afraid to wear sneakers to the office
  • We take pride in accomplishing more in a day than most people do in a week
  • Our “can and will do” customer service approach makes us an indispensable business partner

Here’s what success looks like for Corporate Counsel at Marchex:

  • You are overseeing all litigation activities to favorable results for Marchex
  • You are educating and advising cross-functional business teams on risk avoidance and litigation prevention
  • You have developed and implemented comprehensive defense strategies
  • You are managing and coordinating all phases of discovery for the full range of commercial litigation
  • You investigate and respond to claims and subpoenas quickly and effectively
  • You represent Marchex at key depositions, witness preparation sessions, mediations, arbitrations, hearings and trials as necessary
  • You scope preservation and oversee litigation holds
  • You structure, draft and successfully negotiate various technology, intellectual property, software licenses and commercial agreements
  • You are reviewing, negotiating and drafting various contracts, licensing agreements, policies, term sheets and conditions and statements of interest with respect to proposed transactions and corporate dealings for both Marchex and its subsidaries
  • You are providing pro-active and requested assistance in analyzing, interpreting and resolving disputes that may arise under existing partners and service partners and also as relates to the company’s products and services
  • You recommend and communicate clearly complex resolutions, including to work with outside counsel when and if necessary

Experience that will help you be most successful:

  • Risk mitigation: you have success stories related to your ability to identify risks, mitigate them, and how you have proposed alternative structures to mitigate risks
  • Contracts: you can, and have, looked at contracts with an analytical eye to recommend appropriate changes, and you can also draft and negotiate a contract from scratch if necessary
  • Research: you are excellent and documenting research through writing and can write eloquent and meaningful drafts using what you find
  • Litigation: you’ve worked on some meaty litigation matters for at least 5 years in an in-house counsel capacity; comparable law firm experience partnering with large corporations will also be considered
  • Software: advanced proficiency in the full MS Office Suite is a must
  • Cross-functional team work: you have successfully navigated cross team environments with outstanding customer service skills, stellar communication, and an ability to handle and drive multiple projects and tasks for various stakeholders all at once
  • Confidentiality: you have worked in-house before and appreciate the “need to know” criteria surrounding the information with which you will work
  • Education and membership: JD and membership in at least one state bar is required

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